Where are Justin Reece Shoes Made?

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Justin Reece shoes are made in Portugal. The country is known for its quality craftsmanship in shoe-making, making it an ideal location for the production of Justin Reece shoes.

Justin Reece shoes are manufactured in Portugal, a country renowned for its exceptional shoemaking skills. The brand prides itself on creating high-quality footwear that is both fashionable and functional. Justin Reece shoes have gained a reputation for their expert craftsmanship, attention to detail and use of premium materials.

The company’s designs are inspired by contemporary fashion trends while also maintaining a classic, timeless look. All Justin Reece shoes are made using traditional production techniques combined with modern technology to ensure the perfect fit and exceptional comfort. From loafers to brogues, justin Reece shoes are a must-have for anyone looking for stylish and comfortable footwear that will last for years to come.

The Story Behind Justin Reece Shoes

Justin Reece Shoes

Historical Background Of The Brand

Justin reece is a British shoe brand that is well-known for its high-quality, elegant, and versatile footwear. The brand was established in 2006 by justin morgan and reece larkin, two childhood friends who shared the passion for fashion and craftsmanship.

The brand started as a small-scale business and has since grown to become one of the most reputable and respected shoe companies in the world.

Explanation Of Justin Reece’S Origins And Vision

Justin reece was founded with the commitment to produce shoes that combine style, comfort, and durability. The founders, justin and reece, wanted to create a brand that represents the essence of british fashion while providing customers with footwear that transcends fleeting trends.

The brand sources the highest quality materials and utilizes traditional methods of shoemaking to ensure that each pair of justin reece shoes is unique, timeless, and long-lasting.

The Brand’S Mission And Core Values

At justin reece, the mission is to deliver superiority in quality, style, and affordability. The brand’s core values are the foundation of its success and include diversity, integrity, attention to detail, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Justin reece is committed to creating shoes that cater to people with diverse lifestyles and preferences while maintaining the highest standards of ethical practices.

Unique Features That Distinguish Justin Reece Shoes From Other Brands

  • The shoes are handcrafted by skilled artisans, making each pair unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • The brand offers a wide variety of styles that cater to different occasions and personal preferences, making it easy for customers to find the perfect pair of shoes.
  • Justin reece uses the highest quality materials, such as premium leather and suede, to ensure the durability and longevity of its shoes.
  • The shoes are designed with comfort in mind. The brand utilizes innovative technologies that provide extra cushioning and support to ensure that customers can wear their shoes all day long without experiencing any discomfort.
  • Justin reece shoes are versatile and can be worn with different outfits, from casual to formal, making them a worthwhile investment for any wardrobe.

Manufacturing Process

Justin reece shoes are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality, comfort, and style. Founded in 2004, the brand’s shoes are handmade by skilled craftsmen in portugal and spain, using only the finest materials. In this blog post, we will explore the brand’s manufacturing process, the materials used, the stages of production, and the factors that influence the process of creating these luxurious shoes.

Explanation Of The Process Used By Justin Reece To Create Their Shoes

Justin reece shoes are created through an intricate and detailed process that involves both traditional and modern techniques. Here are the key steps involved in the manufacturing process:

  • Pattern cutting: The first step in making a justin reece shoe is to create a pattern of the design. This is done by the skilled craftsmen who will also be responsible for cutting the leather to the exact measurements.
  • Leather selection: A high-quality leather is crucial to make a durable and stylish shoe. Therefore, justin reece only uses premium leather sourced from the best tanneries in europe.
  • Closing: The cut-out leather is then placed on a last that is tailored to fit perfectly to the customer’s feet. The upper leather is then sewn together using a ‘closed-stitch’ method.
  • Insole: A leather insole is then added, often with additional cushioning to ensure ultimate comfort.
  • Finishing: The shoes are then finished using a special wax and polished by hand to attain an enviable shine.

Detailed Description Of The Materials Used To Make The Shoes

Justin reece uses only the finest materials possible to create their shoes. The materials reflect the brands’ commitment to quality, comfort, and durability. Here are the materials commonly used for justin reece shoes:

  • Leather: The shoes are made almost entirely of premium leather sourced ethically from the best tanneries in europe such as florence in italy. The leather is then tanned using only natural and organic materials.
  • Soles: The brand uses a mix of natural rubber and leather soles, which provide durability and excellent grip.
  • Linings: Justin reece shoes have a leather lining that is breathable and comfortable.

Detailed Explanation Of The Stages Of Production

The production of justin reece shoes is a multi-step process that requires a high level of skill and attention to detail from the designers and craftspeople. Here is a detailed explanation of the stages involved in the production of justin reece shoes:

  • Designing: The designers first create a concept for the design of the shoe. Then, they work on finalizing the style, the colors, and the materials that will be used.
  • Prototyping: Once the design is finalized, a physical prototype is created to check the approximate sizing and the overall feel of the shoe.
  • Mass production: If the prototype meets the guidelines of the designers, the mass production process commences where raw materials are sourced in amounts enough for the ordered quantity.
  • Quality control: Final inspection is done on each shoe to ensure that the product meets the standards of justin reece before it is shipped to the customer.

Factors That Influence Manufacturing Such As Sustainability, Quality Control

Justin reece strives to create shoes ethically with sustainability practices in place to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, quality control is critical to the brand’s success. Here are some factors that influence the manufacturing process of justin reece shoes:

  • Sustainability: The brand uses environmentally friendly materials such as premium, natural leather, natural rubber, organic cotton, and recycled packaging materials.
  • Quality control: Every shoe goes through a quality control check to ensure that it meets the brand’s stringent standards and expectations. This is done by trained professionals who scrutinize every aspect of the shoe’s production.

Comparison With Other Shoe Manufacturers

Justin reece shoes are handmade with the highest quality materials, spacious lasts and breathable linings guaranteeing top-notch comfort. The company has an online store which makes it more convenient for customers to purchase shoes. This, however, does not happen in every shoe brand.

Unlike justin reece, some shoe manufacturers prioritize profits before quality and do not use the best materials to create shoes. Furthermore, not many brands have portugal and spanish artisans, uniquely skilled to craft lifelong lasting shoes.

Where Are Justin Reece Shoes Made

Detailed Explanation Of The Geographic Locations Where The Brand’S Shoes Are Manufactured

Justin reece is a uk-based footwear brand that takes pride in the quality of their shoes. To ensure their products’ quality, the brand follows a strict manufacturing process that starts with sourcing the materials to the final production of the shoes.

Here are the geographic locations where the brand’s shoes are made:

  • Portugal: Most of justin reece’s shoes are manufactured in portugal, where craftsmen have honed their skills for generations. Portugal has an outstanding reputation for shoe-making, and justin reece works with the country’s best shoemaking factories to create their shoes.
  • India: Justin reece shoes’ materials, such as leather, suede, and fabric, are sourced from india. India has an abundance of high-quality raw materials used in shoe-making, and justin reece works with reliable suppliers to get the best materials for their shoes.
  • Spain: Some of justin reece’s shoes are made in spain, known for its expertise in shoemaking. Spanish shoemakers have a long history of creating quality footwear, and justin reece taps into this expertise to produce their shoes.

Comparison Of Different Locations And Countries Where The Shoes Are Produced

Each location where justin reece makes their shoes has its advantages and disadvantages, leading to variations in the final product. Here is a comparison of these different locations:


  • Advantages: Portugal is known for its high-quality shoemaking. The craftsmen in portugal have honed their skills for generations, and this is evident in justin reece’s shoes’ quality. The factories where justin reece’s shoes are made are outfitted with the latest technology, ensuring precision in every shoe created.
  • Disadvantages: Manufacturing in portugal can be expensive, leading to higher costs for consumers.


  • Advantages: India has abundant high-quality raw materials used in shoe-making, allowing for the production of justin reece’s high-quality shoes. India’s lower manufacturing costs allow justin reece to create more affordable shoes.
  • Disadvantages: The distance between india and the uk can lead to longer lead times and increased transport costs.


  • Advantages: Spain has a lengthy history of quality shoemaking. Justin reece taps into this expertise to produce some of its shoes. Spanish shoemakers use traditional methods to create shoes, leading to a more unique product.
  • Disadvantages: Producing in spain is more expensive than in india, leading to higher shoe prices.

How Variations In Location Might Affect The Shoes

Location variations in shoe production can affect the shoes’ overall quality, style, and price. The location’s skilled artisan, the raw materials used, and the variation in the production process create differences that consumers should know. These variations can affect the longevity of the shoes, including the texture, quality, and resilience.

The Significance Of The Origin And Place Of The Shoe Production

The origin and place of production can significantly impact a customer’s buying decision. Knowing where a shoe is produced can help customers understand more about its quality and sustainability. Countries such as portugal, spain, and india have an excellent reputation for their shoemaking skills, making shoes produced by high-skilled craftsmen a valuable commodity.

Justin reece’s shoes’ quality and distinct styles originate from its manufacturing locations’ rich shoemaking heritage.

Detail Of How The Brand Ensures Ethical And Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Justin reece is committed to operating ethically and sustainably while manufacturing its shoes. The brand sources fair-trade, sustainably produced materials, which ensures that those at the start of the supply chain are treated ethically. Justin reece’s factories’ working conditions are also fair and ethical, upholding workers’ rights and safety.

The company even uses technology to minimize waste during the manufacturing process, making sure they leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Justin Reece Shoes Related FAQ

Where Are Justin Reece Shoes Made?

Justin Reece shoes are designed in the UK and crafted by experienced shoemakers in Portugal.

What Materials Are Used To Make Justin Reece Shoes?

Justin reece shoes are made from the finest quality leather and suede imported from Italy.

What Is The Fit Like For Justin Reece Shoes?

Justin reece shoes have a true-to-size fit that is comfortable and supportive for all-day wear.

How Do I Care For My Justin Reece Shoes?

Clean your justin reece shoes with a leather cleaner and protect them with a waterproofing spray.


As we conclude this blog post about justin reece shoes, we hope we have answered the question on where these shoes are made. As we discussed, justin reece is a uk-based brand that designs and manufactures their shoes in various countries, including portugal, italy, and spain.

The brand prides itself on using high-quality materials, including leather and suede, to produce comfortable and durable shoes. Justin reece offers a variety of styles, from classic to trendy, to cater to different preferences and occasions. With a focus on quality and style, justin reece has gained popularity among shoe enthusiasts worldwide.

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes, consider trying out justin reece shoes. We hope this post has shed some light on the brand and its origins. Thank you for reading.

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