Daintyfeet was established in 2023 with a distinct vision: to critically evaluate and provide sincere reviews on women’s shoes, particularly those designed for smaller, daintier feet.

During that time, we discovered a glaring lack in the market: numerous shoe guides were written by those who appeared to have limited exposure to the actual needs of women with smaller feet. The possibility of them having any experience with quality shoemakers who catered to petite sizes was even slimmer.

That’s me: Sarah Carlton, founder of Daintyfeet. Here I am sporting bespoke flats from one of our favorite artisan shoemakers.

From the outset, we implemented strict principles for our shoe reviews and care guides. You can read about our comprehensive review process here, but in essence:

  • We purchase the shoes
  • We wear them ourselves and take our own photos
  • We don’t accept sponsorships from brands for reviews
  • And we offer our honest opinions on whether we recommend the shoes or not

Daintyfeet is here to eliminate the guesswork in shopping for shoes.

We don’t merely throw out opinions: we delve deep into the intricate details so you understand what you’re investing in and whether or not it’s worth it.

Apart from our shoe reviews on Daintyfeet.co.uk, we also host the Daintyfeet YouTube channel, where our community of over 30,000 subscribers receives new shoe reviews, unboxings, and care guides every week.

We give you the facts on the best shoes for small feet available now. And, with years of experience writing in the women’s fashion industry and over 200+ shoe reviews under our belt, we’ve encountered a wide enough variety of styles and sizes to compare them against each other fairly.